20/09/2019 14:17 BST

Amanda Holden's Daughter Reveals The One Thing Her Mum Does That Embarrasses Her The Most

It may or may not surprise you to hear it involves nudity.

Amanda Holden’s daughter Hollie has admitted she’s totally embarrassed by her mum’s apparent penchant for getting naked around the house.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge sat down with her daughter and her usual co-host Jamie Theakston on Friday’s edition of the Heart breakfast show, when the topic of what Hollie finds most embarrassing about having Amanda as her mum came up in the conversation.

“She goes naked all round the house,” Hollie answered, prompting a gasp from Amanda and a few “oh dear”s from Jamie.

Amanda immediately after her daughter outed her for "going naked all round the house"

Delving further into the matter, Jamie asked: “What do the neighbours make of that? Does that cause any problems?”

Embarrassing her mum even further, Hollie added: “Well every time rings the doorbell, she has to put a dressing gown on really quickly and when they leave she takes it off!”

“She could just keep it on couldn’t she?” Jamie said, winding up his co-presenter even further. “Seems ridiculous.”

Seven-year-old Hollie on Heart

Sticking up for herself through her laughs, Amanda protested: “I like to feel free, what can I say?” 

Since joining Heart as their new morning presenter earlier this year, Amanda has repeatedly made headlines, whether that’s for her comments about her long-standing feud with Phillip Schofield or completing the most glamorous sky-dive ever.

Amanda is currently appearing as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, where she and her usual co-stars are helping look for the ITV talent show’s ultimate winner.

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