Amanda Holden Gobsmacked After Fan Unveils Gigantic Tattoo Of Her

"I didn’t know if it was me or Kylie Minogue to be honest."

We love Amanda Holden as much as the next person, but even we’re not sure we’d go to the lengths one superfan has to show his adoration of the star.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge was was left gobsmacked after a listener of her Heart radio breakfast show unveiled a giant inking of Mandy on his leg.

Amanda’s co-host Jamie Theakston cued up the reveal on Wednesday morning after they interviewed a tattoo artist who told of a strange request for an inking she’d had.

Surprising Amanda with the recipient of the tattoo on air, listener Rich said: “Pretty much everyone I mentioned it to, thought I was joking. Never took it serious.”

As Amanda was then shown the mystery inking, she shrieked: “Is that me?! No way! I didn’t know if it was me or Kylie Minogue to be honest. I love that and I find it hilarious that everyone thought you were joking.”

Amanda Holden has been etched on a Heart listener's leg
Amanda Holden has been etched on a Heart listener's leg
Heart Radio/Beau Tattoo

Explaining how the tattoo came about, Rich said: “I’ve just always had a thing for Amanda. And then I mentioned it to my girlfriend and she was like, ‘what do you mean a thing for Amanda’ and just had to ignore it.

“I think we were watching Britain’s Got Talent or something, and I said ‘there’s my number one on tele!’ and then it just went from there.”

“It is an amazing likeness,” Amanda said. “I don’t think even my mother would have a tattoo of me on her, I’m absolutely honoured.”

Amanda couldn't get over the tattoo
Amanda couldn't get over the tattoo
Heart Radio

“I’m looking at it now, it looks a bit sore…but I will never age that leg, keep moisturising that leg!”

“Keep shaving that leg as well,” Jamie said, with Amanda joking: “Yeah I don’t want a hairy face!

“I’ll tell you what else, I want to see it in person,” Amanda added, inviting Rich and his girlfriend Lori down to the Britain’s Got Talent live shows to meet.

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