Amanda Holden's Lockdown Photoshoots Just Got Even More Ridiculous (If That Was Even Possible)

Mandy had an unusual choice of attire as she tended to her sprawling lawn.

If you thought Amanda Holden dressing up to take the bins out was extra, just look at what she’s done now.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge has donned her wedding dress to cut the grass, in her most ridiculous lockdown photoshoot yet.

Mandy has been keeping herself entertained while being stuck at home with her husband and two daughters by posting outlandish pictures and videos on her Instagram.

The latest sees her mowing her sprawling lawn while wearing her white wedding dress, accessorised with a tiara and wellington boots.

Posting the video on her page, Mandy wrote: “Nice day for a good mowing! Hope it puts a smile on your face.

“Why not join me... post a video of an unusual thing you can do in a wedding dress.”

Amanda Holden mowed her lawn in her wedding dress
Amanda Holden mowed her lawn in her wedding dress

Earlier this month, Amanda was seen donning an evening dress to take her bins out, explaining she “wheelie wanted to dress up”.

She also posted a video of herself working out using freshly baked cakes as weights.

When not posting 10/10 content online, Amanda has been enjoying cooking, running and FaceTiming while in lockdown.

Speaking to Woman’s Own, she said: “It’s a difficult and worrying time for a lot of families, especially on the work front.

“In all honesty, I’m quite enjoying spending time with my family. It’s making me take a step back and appreciate everything.

“I’ve never taken anything for granted, but love the fact it’s just the four of us in one house. Our house is always so busy and full of other people.”

She continued: “I’m cooking, I’m running every day, and I’ve been FaceTiming and contacting family and friends way more than I’d normally have time for.

“I’m trying to appreciate the circumstances. Of course, I’m very lucky to still be working.”

Amanda is continuing to present her Heart Breakfast Show during the lockdown, travelling from her Richmond home to central London each day to wake up her listeners.

She is also back on our screens in the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent, which launched last weekend.

However, the auditions were pre-recorded before the coronavirus outbreak, with ITV also announcing the live shows will not air until later in the year as a result of the pandemic.

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden


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