Amanda Holden Speaks Out On That Viral TikTok: 'Everyone Thought I'd Gone Mad'

"Everybody thought I was being Victoria Beckham and I’m like Victoria Beckham doesn’t do her posts like that."
Amanda Holden's TikTok
Amanda Holden's TikTok
Amanda Holden/TikTok

Amanda Holden has set the record straight about her viral TikTok after taking the internet by unexpected storm last week.

The Britain’s Got Talent star made headlines when she posted a video of her doing a spot of breathy fashion influencing.

Many of her followers were left completely baffled by the video (although some of us knew exactly who she was impersonating), with Amanda now admitting: “Everyone thought I’d gone mad!”


#happywednesday #ifyouknowyouknow #pattipinkcake ( find her on insta she’s fabulous) l@lkbennett_ @gucci #fyp

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Returning to her breakfast show on Heart radio with Jamie Theakston on Monday, Amanda cleared things up saying: “Well if you don’t know Patti Pink Cake, then you don’t know… She is this brilliant woman in Australia. She’s just a normal, everyday woman and every day she posts about her fashion, and I follow her, lots of people follow her.

“She’s Australian. I don’t do it as an Australian. I just did my own take on her, a pastiche.”

She continued: “Every day she gives a scarf and a bag. If you don’t know her, look at her but check out my Instagram, but it’s so funny because…”

“I thought you’d lost the plot!” Jamie said.

“Everyone thought I’d gone mad!” Amanda agreed.

“Everybody thought I was being Victoria Beckham and I’m like Victoria Beckham doesn’t do her posts like that, I’m sure she doesn’t!”

Amanda filmed the video while in Sicily filming her new BBC renovation show with Alan Carr.

Amanda And Alan: The Italian Job will see the pair join forces to renovate a dilapidated home in Italy before selling off the property at the end of the summer, with the proceeds going to charity.

Listen to Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden weekdays from 6:30 to 10am and on Global Player.


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