31/05/2017 11:41 BST | Updated 31/05/2017 11:42 BST

Woman Orders Plastic Chair On Amazon, Gets Way Less Than She Bargained For

Oh the perils of online shopping 😂

We’ve all been there: you’re perusing Amazon and the bargain of the century catches your eye. Not wanting to miss out on the find, you immediately add it to your cart and click ‘order’, before even reading the description.

In Blaque’s case, her bargain buy was a plastic chair on sale for $4.29 (£3.35) - she thought it would look great in her apartment. 

But unfortunately her order didn’t quite turn out as expected. 

When it arrived, Blaque noticed that it was a bit too small to sit on... 

Blaque tweeted a photo of her failed order with the caption: “And this is why you should ALWAYS read the description while shopping on Amazon.”

She told HuffPost that when ordering the chair, she didn’t read the description or the reviews - after all, a bargain like that doesn’t crop up every day.

When her parcel arrived, she thought that the box looked “kind of small to hold a chair”, but considered that it could have been flat-packed.

She then rummaged inside the box and found a smaller box, complete with the tiny plastic chair inside.

“I immediately busted out laughing,” she said.

If only she’d have scrolled down on Amazon, she would’ve noticed that the chair was ‘made of acrylic, only 6” tall and a miniature replica’.

When Blaque tweeted her error, other people were quick to share their own online shopping fails.

A similar event occurred earlier this year when a cat owner ordered a climbing tree for her feline companion for $13 (£10).

Unfortunately she’d completely missed the part in the product’s description that said the cat tree was for a doll’s house.

Needless to say, her moggy wasn’t impressed.


Moral of the story: always read the small print.