01/09/2016 16:12 BST

American Bulldog Snatched From Owner’s Garden And Stabbed To Death

'Turbo would have suffered a great deal in this attack'

A dog which was snatched from its owner’s garden has been found stabbed to death near a park.

The male white American bulldog, named Turbo, was found dead of stab wounds on the night of 24 August in Cavendish Park, Liverpool.

He had last been seen by his owner at 8.30pm in his garden in Glaslyn Way, where it is thought he was taken from.

aywan88 via Getty Images
Turbo was a white male American bulldog like the one photographed in this file picture 

An RSPCA spokeswoman said: “We believe that this poor dog was taken from his garden and walked to the entrance of Walton Hall Park a few metres away. There, it looks like he was stabbed three times, leaving blood on the pavement.

“His body was then left behind his owner’s garden fence.

“This is a very sad incident and it has left Turbo’s owners devastated. We are very keen to trace who did this.

The park entrance where Turbo's body was found 

“There is a big Sainsbury’s which backs onto the entrance to the park on Cavendish Drive so perhaps shoppers may have seen something untoward. Walton Hall Park is also a well-used park and someone using the park must have seen or heard something.

“It is very important that anyone with information contacts us in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018. Turbo would have suffered a great deal in this attack and we would like to find out who did this to him.”