Inspirational Seven-Year-Old Born With No Hands Scoops First Place At National Handwriting Competition

'Her writing sample was comparable to someone who has hands.'

A seven-year-old girl who was born with no hands has been hailed an inspiration after winning a national handwriting competition.

Anaya Ellick, from Virginia, America, holds a pen by gripping it between her forearms and standing up to get the right angle.

She took part in a National Handwriting Competition in Ohio called 'Zaner-Bloser'.

She was competing for the 'Excellence in Manuscript Penmanship' award that is restricted to students with "a cognitive delay, or an intellectual, physical, or developmental disability."

Her teachers and family were overwhelmed when she scooped first prize.

"We looked at her writing and were just stunned to see how well her handwriting was, considering she writes without hands," competition director Kathleen Wright told ABC News.

"Her writing sample was comparable to someone who has hands."


Anaya was born without hands but her parents have said she rarely requires assistance in her every day life.

Anaya's teacher, Tracy Cox from Greenbrier Christian Academy, decided to enrol her in the Zaner-Bloser handwriting competition and Anaya found out she won first prize on 2 May.

The school's headteacher Dr. Ron White, told InsideEdition: "It's easy to look at someone and make assumptions based on appearances but Anaya destroyed that perception."

Anaya's mum, Bianca Middleton, said from just three years old, Anaya would write letters with the help of her grandmother.

"She'll tell me she can do something and I'll think how can you do that, but she does," Middleton said. "She's so motivated to succeed.

"I want her to always push herself, I don't want her feeling bad for herself. Nope, that's not happening at this home."