Sex And The City Creator Addresses Backlash Over Miranda And Steve's And Just Like That... Storyline

"The Brooklyn bridge exists in their history. And guess what? So does 'zombie sex'."
Steve and Miranda in And Just Like That...
Steve and Miranda in And Just Like That...
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This article contains major spoilers for Sex And The City reboot And Just Like That…

Sex And The City creator Michael Patrick King has spoken out in defence of one of revival show And Just Like That…’s more divisive storylines.

The new reboot has split opinion right down the middle, with Miranda’s story arc – which has seen her ending her 20-year marriage with husband Steve after starting an affair with Carrie’s friend and podcast co-host Che Diaz – proving especially controversial among Sex And The City devotees.

However, during a discussion on the companion podcast And Just Like That… The Writers’ Room, Michael insisted he stood by the storyline, despite the backlash.

“I want to say one more thing about Steve and Miranda, because I’ve heard a lot about ‘how could they be here, after they were on the [Brooklyn] bridge in the first movie?’,” he said, referring to the couple’s reconciliation scene in the first Sex And The City film.

Michael Patrick King
Michael Patrick King
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“Yes, that was an incredibly, incredibly emotional recommitment to each other,” the showrunner continued. “But what people tend to forget is that the moment before that, Miranda is looking at a list, pros and cons. And the cons on the list far outweigh the pros.

“When she actually gets up and goes to the bridge, it’s because she sees a milk moustache on her face, which reminds her that her and Steve once had a laugh over that… that was what they were feeling in that moment. And now Miranda is in a different place.”

“The bridge exists in their history,” he added. “And guess what? So does zombie sex [a reference Miranda made to the lack of passion in her marriage]. Our job is not to facilitate fairytales, always.”

Cynthia Nixon – who has played Miranda since Sex And The City’s debut – has also defended her character’s behaviour.

Che and Miranda's romance has been a central storyline in And Just Like That...
Che and Miranda's romance has been a central storyline in And Just Like That...

She told Watch What Happens Live last week: “That’s the thing about break-ups – often, there’s one person that is making the break-up happen and another person who is reluctant.

“But I have to say that the person who is reluctant is pretty miserable, too, and they’re just not admitting it.”

There’s just one episode of And Just Like That… left in the current series, which will air on Thursday.

The first nine episodes of And Just Like That... are available to watch now on Now and Sky.

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