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Andrea McLean’s Tips For Hair And Makeup With Staying Power

Apply once in the morning – and then relax.
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Sometimes we spend what feels like ages perfecting our makeup look each morning. Base, blush, eyes, lips and hair. And we look fabulous for about five minutes - only to leave the house and feel like our makeup masterpiece has melted by the time we’ve gotten to work, the result of hot/wet weather or a particularly cramped commute.

Since we style our hair and apply our makeup with a view to feeling confident for the day ahead – whether that’s facing client meetings, running around location visits or needing our looks to last into the after-hours – we need hair and makeup with staying power. And we don’t have hours at our disposal – after all, we want to be enjoying our lives, not spending all of our time getting ready.

We’ve teamed up with Clairol Nice ‘N Easy to create a series of informative, practical videos starring TV presenters and mums Andrea McLean and Gabby Logan. In this, the fourth video of the series, Andrea presents her tips on how to make your look last longer. From an extra layer of lipstick to using the right hair accessories, Andrea’s pro tips will help your look last through meetings, social engagements, the school run and date night.

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Looking for a few extra tips to ensure your makeup has staying power? Check out our favourite hair and makeup ideas below.

Choose a longer-lasting hairstyle

Certain hairstyles can do the 9 to 5 and then some. Think “done-undone” looks, like a messy bun or messy ponytail, which don’t take a huge amount of time to style and will survive if you end up caught in a rain shower. Check YouTube for some easy how-to tutorials. Another look that’s easy to achieve that won’t fall limp in the middle of the day and has an elegant feel? A plaited crown is as simple as plaiting all (or part) of your hair, braiding it, and pinning it up over the top of your head to the other side. Just secure with hairpins. Be sure to set with some spray or product for a longer-lasting finish. Finally, give a blowout extra mileage when it’s deflating by putting in some dry shampoo first thing and styling it in a half-up pony.

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Touch up your roots

Forget hair colour woes with Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch-Up, which ensures 100% grey coverage for the day ahead. Make that weeks. A touch-up only takes 10 minutes and will keep your hair colour looking fresh for up to four weeks. The colour selection seamlessly matches leading shades, including salon colour* (*among retail permanent shades and pre-formulated salon colour).

Use an eyeshadow primer

Nothing says tired eye makeup than that faded, smudgy look your shadow gets by lunchtime. If you have high hopes of your eye make-up making it through the day, invest in an eyeshadow primer. Think of it as a foundation for the eyes: smooth it onto eyelids before applying your shadow and the shadow won’t disappear into creases midway through your day. It can also help your eyeliner last longer.

Other tricks of the trade for shadow that stays put? Apply concealer before brushing on your eye shadow – not only will it make the colour look more prominent, it can also add staying power. And don’t forget an all-over primer on your face to help skin look its best, mask any imperfections and create a makeup look that withstands the test of time. Or at least makes it to 6pm unscathed.

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Use a makeup setting spray

Whether you’ve gone for an au naturel makeup look or something more dramatic that needs to go from boardroom to bar, the last step before you leave the house should be setting your makeup with a special setting spray. You can also use a water spritz (like Evian Mineral Water Spray). Alternatively, make a DIY setting spray by infusing rose petals in a cup of hot water – it’ll smell gorgeous and rose water boasts anti-inflammatory properties.


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