Andrew Bridgen Claims A Tory MP Slapped Him And Called Him A B*****d

He says the incident which took place in parliament was "completely unprovoked"
Stefan Rousseau - PA Images via Getty Images

Andrew Bridgen has reported an MP to parliamentary authorities for allegedly slapping him on the back of the head and calling him a “bastard”.

Bridgen, who joined the Reclaim Party after being ousted by the Tories for comparing the Covid vaccine to the Holocaust, claimed that Tory MP Crispin Blunt acted “completely unprovoked”.

In parliament on Monday, Bridgen demanded that Blunt apologise for the “chop”.

Although the Reclaim MP said he was not injured in the incident, he claimed there was a “number of witnesses” and that they had spoken to Parliament’s authorities after the incident was reported to security.

He told the PA news agency: “I was sitting at one of the round tables in Portcullis House and he went by the back of me and hit me on the back of the head with his hand and said, ‘You’re a b******’ and then walked off.

“I was just completely shocked. That’s not the behaviour you would expect from a Member of Parliament. I’m asking for an apology, it’s just unbelievable behaviour.”

Parliamentary officials confirmed they were aware of the incident and that the House of Commons authorities as well as the whips’ office were handling it.

Bridgen believes the incident could be related to him questioning his removal of the Tory whip when Blunt has kept his, despite his controversial comments about Hamas.

A parliamentary spokesman said: “The Behaviour Code makes clear the standards of behaviour expected of everyone in Parliament - whether MPs, staff, Members’ staff, members of the House of Lords, press, contractors or visitors. There is zero tolerance for abuse or harassment.”

Blunt, a former minister who represents Reigate, has not responded to requests for comment.


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