Andrew Bridgen

He says the incident which took place in parliament was "completely unprovoked"
Bridgen was stripped of the Tory whip after appearing to compare Covid-19 vaccines with the Holocaust.
"For Andrew Bridgen to lose the whip is another example of the Tory Party going down this, to me, frighteningly totalitarian, woke way of looking at the world."
“My tweet was in no way antisemitic," Bridgen said after he was suspended as a Tory MP over the Holocaust tweet.
"The comparison is grossly offensive and inaccurate, and it is also stupid," the chief executive of the Antisemitism Policy Trust said.
Andrew Bridgen has become the latest to have the Conservative whip removed.
“Andrew Bridgen has crossed a line, causing great offence in the process," chief whip Simon Hart said.
The outspoken backbencher displayed a "cavalier" attitude, according to a cross-party committee.
"I've spoken with the chancellor since his announcement," Andrew Bridgen said.