Andrew Lloyd Webber Reveals He's A Secret My Chemical Romance Fan And We're Kind Of Speechless

Truly the crossover none of us knew we needed.

With more than 50 years as a composer to his name, it’s no surprise that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s taste in music would be more eclectic than most, but we still weren’t expecting his latest musical revelation.

In a new video posted on social media, the musical theatre giant revealed that he was apparently a secret fan of My Chemical Romance, heaping praise on their Black Parade album.

On Thursday, Andrew responded to a comment from 2017, when an MCR fan lamented that The Black Parade was yet to be turned into an “incredible goth musical”.

Comparing infamous “G note” at the beginning of the emo rockers’ song Welcome To The Black Parade with his own iconic Phantom Of The Opera intro, he wrote: “It’s one thing to create an iconic set of chords, it’s another to make one note iconic?”

This was accompanied by a video of himself playing both on his piano, which got plenty of MCR fans talking in the responses…

My Chemical Romance were supposed to have been reforming for a string of shows in the summer, but these have been postponed until next year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, this latest revelation isn’t the first time Andrew Lloyd Webber has shared his unusual musical tastes with the world.

We don’t know what was more alarming, the fact someone thought to put those two songs together, or the dance routine that he broke out in the clip


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