Andrew Lloyd Webber

This particular ghost was purportedly rather organized – and stacked Webber's theatre scripts into "a neat pile" at night.
The Pussycat Dolls star takes the lead as Norma Desmond in this revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic musical.
Some people had joked that the man, with his moustache and glasses, could have been Meghan Markle in disguise.
In one touching moment, the Prince of Wales kissed his father on the cheek.
The Phantom Of The Opera creator's son Nick died last month, at the age of 43.
“His whole family is gathered together and we are all totally bereft,” the Phantom Of The Opera creator said.
The Phantom Of The Opera composer will miss the Broadway premiere of his new musical to be with family.
"She was the most extraordinary person and we will never see the like again."
He has since insisted his "costly mistake" comment was not a reference to the show itself.
The former Strictly and Bake Off star was set to play Prince Charming in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest musical.