I Just Learned About Andrew Scott's First TV Role, And I Guarantee It's Not What You Thought

As an Irish person, I'm ashamed I didn't know this sooner.
Elyse Jankowski via Getty Images

If you haven’t heard Irish actor Andrew Scott’s opinions about obsessive Fleabag fans recently, chances are you’ve seen him walking the red carpet for his new Netflix show Ripley.

The Sherlock star has also appeared in Pride, All of Us Strangers, Spectre, and many, many more impressive TV shows and movies.

However, it wasn’t until I started chatting to my fellow Irish friend about the actor (NOT for hot priest reasons, BTW) that I learned his first on-screen role was... a little less glam.

So, what was Andrew Scott’s first role?

Ever heard of the oats brand Flahavan’s?

They’re a household name in Ireland, and in the ’80s, Andrew Scott appeared in an ad for their porridge.

In fact, the star appearance even made it to the company’s site. “Spot the budding actor Andrew Scott, now best known for his roles in Fleabag and Sherlock,” their timeline says of the ad.

The actor himself has spoken about the role on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show, too.

“Really fond memories,” the award-winning actor said after being shown a clip of the ad on-air. “We don’t have a video of that in our house ― my mum will be delighted with that.”

“I remember really clearly because I remember thinking, this porridge, it’s disgusting,” he added. “I still don’t like porridge.”

Little did he know that Mr Flahavan himself was in the audience when he said that (ah, lovely). For what it’s worth, I love the brand!

At least he’s in good company

The porridge ad, which ran the jingle “the fibre-rich way to start the day / on a cold and frosty morning,” puts Andrew in an odd Hibernian hall of fame.

Normal People star Paul Mescal starred in iconic sausage company Denny’s ad as a teen and didn’t know he was allowed to spit the sausages out. So, he devoured link after delicious link (there are worse fates).

And Kildare comedian and actor Aisling Bea appeared in a McDonald’s ad aged just 14 too.

She snuck a coin from a boy’s pocket in the commercial while kissing him to promote their Eurosaver menu ― and no, her adolescent rep didn’t survive the bus stop poster plastered in her hometown.

Forget drama school ― it seems the secret to Irish actors’ success is at least one slightly embarrassing food ad. And we’re lovin’ it!


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