Anele Mdoda On Black Monday, The Old Flag And The New Season Of Her Talk Show

Real Talk With Anele airs every Monday to Friday on SABC3.

Media personality and radio host Anele Mdoda is back for the fourth season of her talk show, "Real Talk With Anele", and she couldn't be more excited.

Mdoda said with the new season, viewers can expect the same in-depth conversations they have come to know the show for, but with a little twist.

"We want to make the show more fluid and a lot more current while giving you those conversations you come to 'Real Talk' for. We want to get to a place where our guests are a lot more current... also talking about things that are happening in the country, hence the new section which one could call social media because, at the end of the day, we all go to social media to check out what is happening -- that's what we're going to have on the show, but all while striking a balance between those important conversations," Mdoda told HuffPost SA.

Mdoda said with each episode, she wants people to walk away having learnt new things about people in the industry that they like, as well as ordinary South Africans who are doing extraordinary things.

Sharing her thoughts on the recent #BlackMonday march, Mdoda said murder statistics should not be taken out of context.

"We cannot look at murder numbers and take them in isolation. For me, Black Monday is isolating farm murders as being the worst. No, the farm murders are atrocious and they need to be stopped, but so is any other murder. If you're going to leave your house and go march against specific murders while other ones are happening, your sense of sincerity goes out the window and I can't take you seriously," she said.

Mdoda added: "And if you're going to wear the old South African flag then you must go jail -- you cannot fly a Nazi flag in Germany, you go jail, and I think if you're gonna do that here then you must be arrested."

"Real Talk With Anele" airs every Monday to Friday on SABC3.


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