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Ann Widdecombe Attempts To Explain Why She Called Meghan Markle 'Trouble'


Ann Widdecombe has spoken out about her controversial comments on Meghan Markle, attempting to explain why she said the future royal was “trouble”.

The former Tory MP raised eyebrows when she aired her views on Meghan’s upcoming wedding to Prince Harry during her time in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house. 

“I think she’s trouble,” she said. “Background, attitude... I worry. I add it all up and I’m uneasy but there we go.”

Ann Widdecombe appeared on 'Good Morning Britain'

When Ann was unable to follow up her verdict with any good reason, many speculated Meghan’s race may have formed part of her opinion. 

However, Ann has now attempted to clarify her stance during an appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’.  

She said: “I’m just very dubious that somebody who has made her life in those sorts of films, been married before, comes over and has to become an active member of a very, very stuffy traditional family... I think that could be quite difficult.

“But Harry’s sufficiently far removed from the throne that if he has to make modifications in that way he’ll do it… modifications to the role.”

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Meghan Markle with Prince Harry

During the interview, Ann proved to be characteristically divisive as she weighed in on the on-going grid girls row. 

She claimed society was “becoming so po-faced” after Formula 1 dropped the tradition of using female models before grands prix. 

Ann said: “We’re losing our cheerfulness. Things like wolf whistling, ‘grid girls’, we’re becoming so po-faced now about what feminism is - we’ve lost our cheerfulness.

“It certainly doesn’t advance women’s rights and I actually think it makes so-called feminists look stupid. Feminism is about equality, it’s not about that sort of thing.”

While in the ‘CBB’ house, Ann also caused controversy for airing “homophobic” views on more than one occasion, as well as misgendering trans housemate India Willoughby.  

‘Good Morning Britain’ airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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