Meghan Markle

Incognito mode aside, it was a surprisingly normal outing for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
In a podcast interview, the Duke of Sussex compared his life to a cross between The Truman Show and a zoo.
Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton all paid tribute to Archie on his big day.
The Duchess of Sussex's new book, The Bench, will hit shelves on June 8.
The Duchess of Sussex said the book started out as a poem she wrote for Prince Harry around Father's Day.
Her Alexander McQueen gown is still influencing brides a decade later.
Oprah contacted the Sussexes via text prior to the interview, but had no idea Meghan would go "all the way there" with certain revelations.
Julia's remarks mocking the Duchess of Sussex have led to more than 200 complaints.
"Meghan is really wonderful and so kind – just as kind as everyone says she is.”
The Duchess of Sussex was unable to attend the ceremony, as she is pregnant and was advised not to travel.