Rejoice, An App Is Here To Stop Premature Ejaculation

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Morari Medical
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In things we didn’t know existed, we bring you news of a device that can stop men from prematurely ejaculating.

A wearable patch, connected to an app, can be fitted between a partner’s scrotum and anus for the device to prevent early ejaculation.

The gadget was created by the start-up Morari Medical, which focusses on treating erectile dysfunction.

The item was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where many brands show off their latest contraptions.

Morari Medical’s neurostimulation product works by interfering or temporarily inhibiting the nerve signal between the penis and the brain, thus helping with premature ejaculation or extending the sexual experience.

Once the patch is on and connected to a smartphone, users can increase or reduce the amount of stimulation released from the device.

This product contains a small battery, a Bluetooth transmitter and a wireless transdermal electric neuromodulation (TENS) unit.

Much like a machine that offers pain relief to women in labour, this patch produces small electric pulses to the area, interrupting signals from the brain and delaying the onset of ejaculation.

Jeff Bennett, CEO of the company, said in a statement: “PE [premature ejaculation] is the most common male sexual dysfunction and is experienced by 30% of men.

“Morari Medical is using science and data to address PE and restore confidence in sexual health. It’s our mission to use the latest technology to reframe climax control and serve millions of men to drive pleasure, enhance self-esteem, and live a fulfilled, healthy sexual life.”

News of the product has certainly wowed folks and Morari Medical has even won a sex-tech start-up award by Wear It Berlin, a platform for professionals in the wearable technology business.

While Morari Medical introduced a prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show, it won’t actually be available on the market for purchase for a while.

But be patient, we’re sure it’s coming.

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