Apple's New iPhone Camera Tutorials Are Great For Beginners

They're simple, but super effective.

Apple’s iPhone might not have the best camera on a smartphone anymore, but there’s no denying that it is up there as having one of the best.

To help its users take full advantage of the iPhone’s snapping capabilities, the company has released a series of camera tutorials on YouTube.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Each one is only 40 seconds long, shot in portrait so you can watch it on your phone and contains some incredibly slick editing.

Lets be clear, these tutorials will probably seem obvious to those of us who have been shooting with an iPhone for some time. However for beginners, there are a few hidden tips and tricks that could prove invaluable if they’re looking to up their Instagram game.

From shooting better low-light shots without the flash, to capturing a better close-up, there’s something for everyone.

You can check out the full series below:

How to shoot a great portrait

How to shoot a close-up

How to shoot a vertical panorama

How to shoot without a flash

How to shoot action


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