Apple Unveils iPhone XS And XS Max: UK Price, Release Date And Specs

The iPhone XS Max is big, like really big.

Apple has unveiled its new flagship smartphones the iPhone XS and XS Max at a special event in California.

Both phones boast improved cameras, faster processors and in the case of the XS Max a giant 6.5-inch OLED display.

Described by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook as ’the most advanced iPhone we’ve ever made” the new iPhones are more of an evolution of the iPhone X as opposed to trying to reinvent the wheel again.

iPhone XS and XS Max will be available to pre-order on 14 September and available to buy on 21 September.

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Apple iPhone XS and XS Max specs:

The iPhone XS has a 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina Display. The iPhone XS Max on the other hand has a huge 6.5-inch OLED Super Retina Display making it the largest phone Apple has ever built and one of the largest smartphones available.

Both are edge-to-edge displays just like the iPhone X which means that there are no bezels save for a notch at the top which houses the iPhones front-facing camera and its Face ID facial-recognition system.

Just like the iPhone X these are 2K displays which mean they’ll be able to show both HDR and Dolby Vision video content.


Inside the devices Apple has equipped them with its new A12 bionic processor.

The company claims it’s the “smartest and most powerful chip in a smartphone.” It’s

What does all that mean for everyday life? Well your apps will load quicker, suggestions when typing will be better and it’ll organise your photos in a way that Apple claims is more intuitive.

It also means you’ll be able to run console-quality games like the upcoming Elder Scrolls: Blades and Fortnite.

The XS and XS Max both have better stereo speakers with Apple boasting a wider sound profile.


As you’ve probably realised by now the Home button is well and truly gone and Face ID is here to stay.

Apple’s put a new and improved Face ID system inside both the XS and XS Max that it says makes it not only more secure but even faster to unlock.

Now if you’re wondering what the battery life is like then the iPhone XS reportedly has 30mins longer than the iPhone X while the iPhone XS Max has an hour and a half more battery life.

iPhone XS and XS Max camera:

By far the biggest update to both phones however is with the camera. Apple has unveiled an all-new dual-camera system.

It has a new 12MP wide-angle lens and a 12MP telephoto lens. Apple claims this can take sharper and more richly defined images.

The biggest update to the camera however comes in the form of the iPhone XS’s new A12 processor.


Using the A12 processor the camera can take photos using what it’s calling Smart HDR. Effectively when you press the shutter button the iPhone XS takes a huge number pictures at various exposures.

It then uses machine learning to combine all of them into a better-looking image even when you’re shooting in difficult conditions.

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By combining the image with machine learning the XS can perform instant red-eye reduction as well as a new and improved Portrait Mode that lets you change the depth-of-field after you’ve taken the photo.

iPhone XS and XS Max design:

Both smartphones share the same design language as the original iPhone X which means you get a fully glass front and back with a stainless steel frame surrounding the edges.

Apparently it’s the strongest glass Apple has ever used on a smartphone, although considering how much the iPhone X’s repair bills are we’re not willing to test that theory any time soon.


It does mean that once again both phones will offer wireless charging. The iPhone XS and XS Max will be available in three colours this year: Space grey, White and Gold.

iPhone XS and XS Max UK release date and price:

The iPhone XS and XS Max will be available to pre-order in the UK/US and most of Europe on the 14 September and to buy in-store on the 21st September in the following sizes:

iPhone XS 64GB: £999/$999
iPhone XS 256GB: £1,149/$1,149
iPhone XS 512GB: £1,349/$1,349

iPhone XS Max 64GB: £1099/$1099
iPhone XS Max 256GB: £1,249/$1,249
iPhone XS Max 512GB: £1,449/$1,449


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