Apple WWDC 2016: iMessage For Android, macOS And Apple Music All Rumoured

Apple's got some big news to announce, here's what we know so far.

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is here once again which means that Apple will be unveiling the latest software for your iPhone, the latest range of MacBooks and most probably a few surprises as well.

WWDC 2016 looks set to be one of the most interesting conferences so far with some smaller, but arguably more fascinating announcements expected.

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Will the MacBook Pro come with a radical new design? Has Apple got something big planned for Siri?

To try and answer those questions here's our lineup of the most talked about announcements expected:

iMessage for Android


That's right. While it sounds far-fetched there has indeed been a rumour circulating that next week Apple might just throw a curveball and unveil iMessage for Android smartphones.

It actually wouldn't be the first time Apple has opened up some of its software to Google users either as you can already download a 'beta' version of Apple Music for Android.

iMessage also makes some serious business sense, as with Music the company is clearly looking to carefully expand its services beyond the walls of its own products and iMessage would be a bold statement in the face of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others.

Max OS X will now be known simply as macOS

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If you own a MacBook it probably (hopefully) runs a piece of software called Mac OS X.

Well Mac OS X could soon be no more, replaced with a name that Apple used right at the beginning of its existence.

In keeping with its other software names like iOS, watchOS and tvOS it looks like macOS will be the new name for your MacBook's software.

While we only have a few hints about features, this could herald a brand-new look that brings the computer software even more in line with the design of its phone software.

Siri launches on MacBook

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Siri on Mac OS X has actually been rumoured for some time but if Apple can finally make it work then yes, Apple's own personal assistant will be launching on your Mac.

With Google Assistant launching both on smartphones and in the home Siri could even be expanding even further to Apple TV and more.

Apple Music is getting a facelift

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That's right, just one year after it launched Apple Music is getting a complete overhaul.

According to Bloomberg, Apple's new version of the music service will feature a new black & white themed interface that has a bigger focus on artwork and sharing.

While Apple Music has 13 million subscribers, Apple probably knows that its music service isn't perfect and so this major update will play a major role in fixing any of the bugbears we have with the current app.

Send money to your contacts using Apple Pay

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Quartz actually reported on this back in January and while at the time it was nothing more than a rumour it's not actually that crazy an idea.

Apple Pay is far more integrated than many people realise. It's not just a contactless card replacement, it can let you pay in Deliveroo, Addison Lee along with a whole host of other online stores.

So how would it work? Well payments could feasibly be made through iMessage or over the phone but would only be possible to other iPhone users with Apple Pay.


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