WWDC 2016: Apple Unveils macOS With Siri, Touch ID, New iTunes And Privacy Functions

Own a MacBook? This is how your life is going to get easier.

WWDC 2016 - Apple has unveiled macOS, the all-new operating system for Macs and MacBooks that brings with it new features such as Siri, Touch ID and a brand-new look.

The operating system will be free to download and will be coming out in Autumn.

So now onto the really exciting stuff, and it is exciting because once downloaded your MacBook is going to behave very differently.

macOS isn't just about shiny bells and whistles, it's a return to continuity for Apple and returns the company's software to its original name when the first Apple computer launched.

Here are the biggest new features launching with macOS:

Siri is now inside your MacBook

That's right, Siri is now on your MacBook. Apple has long been hinting that it would launch the voice assistant on other Apple products and the time has finally come.

This isn't just normal Siri though, oh no. Since the launch of Google Assistant has now set the bar for Artificially Intelligent personal assistants Apple has upped its game for Siri.

You can now talk to Siri as you would a normal person with a whole range of conversational questions, requests built right in.

Book appointments, dictate emails or just ask Siri what piece of music is playing and it'll do everything without you having to press a button.

Touch ID on MacBook

Now this is a new feature but sadly it won't be launching (unsurprisingly) on older MacBooks. Apple has finally brought its fingerprint sensor to the MacBook allowing users to lock their devices and pay using Apple Pay.

New iTunes

Apple Music is great, but lets be honest it's not amazing. While it has an almost unrivalled music library the software isn't the most intuitive in the world.

Well Apple Music and iTunes are getting a new lick of paint on the Mac with a simpler, cleaner interface and a whole host of more intuitive controls.

Bottom line? iTunes is being brought more in line with Apple Music which can only be a good thing.

Copy and Paste Between Devices

Using the power of the iCloud your Apple devices are now all synced to the same Universal Clipboard.

This means that you are able to copy and paste photos, videos, text and images across your Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Auto Unlock

Fed up of remembering passwords for everything and spending hours having to reset them? That's no longer an issue.

The new Auto Unlock feature means if you are wearing your authenticated Apple Watch, your computer automatically unlocks when you walk towards it. It's no retina scan, but it's pretty cool.

Get Help Rediscovering Photographs

We're all familiar with the perils of Facebook's Timehop app, but now Apple is getting in on the act as well.

The new Memories feature in Photos automatically creates curated events (such as weddings, first birthdays or holidays) to help you rediscover your favourite memories, that may be buried deep in your library.

It works by facial recognition, grouping together people and generating albums based on who appears in the photos. Places now also displays photos based on where they were taken.

Privacy in macOS

Apple hardware has always been designed with security and privacy as a fundamental, but now new Differential Privacy technology means that Apple is able to study usage patterns of users without compromising individual privacy.

iMessage and Facetime have always used, and continue to use, end-to-end encryption so that data is unreadable by Apple and others.

And intelligence used to sort photos by facial recognition is only stored locally on your device.