Top Argos Toys For Christmas 2016: Predictions Of Bestselling Toys Released

We know, we know, it's only June 🙈.

The summer holidays haven't even started but Argos have already released their annual predictions for the top Christmas toys of 2016.

Each year, the catalogue retailer issues the list of bestselling toys six months in advance - some of which haven't even hit the shelves yet.

So while none of us are even thinking about Christmas right now, it might be worth having a gander below to see what's high in the charts.


"This year’s list shows just how much toys are evolving – lots of our top toys have their roots in parents’ Christmas past," Linzi Walker, chief toy buyer for Argos said.

"Now they’ve truly moved on, with more sophisticated tech, realistic life-like functions and up-to-date pop culture references.

"We’ve progressed from the toy caterpillar that toddlers could pull across the floor, to one that starts infants on the road to clever coding.

"Where once there was a baby doll that simply looked like the real thing, we now have one that smells as sweet as a newborn.

"And while past festivities might have featured a karaoke machine, 2016’s budding Beliebers will be making and sharing their own pop videos with a SelfieMic."

All toys will be available to buy via from July 2016.

BB-8, Hasbro
£59.99, ages 3+
This remote control BB8 is a pretty good choice if you have Star Wars fans in your family.
Design a Friend Tiffany, Chad Valley
£49.99, ages 3+
Your child can strut their doll Tiffany down the red carpet after dressing her up in her dress and glitter sandals.
Fisher Price Codeapillar, Mattel
£49.99, ages 3-6
If you wanted to buy your kids a pressie that can be both educational and fun - the codeapillar is probably your best choice.
LEGO City Volcano, LEGO
£79.99, ages 8-12
It's pretty hard to go through Christmas without buying at least one LEGO pressie for the kids - and the latest is a science fan's dream.
Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike, Hasbro
£59.99, ages 8+
A new Nerf blaster that apparently has a new and improved setting, with three ways to blast. An upgrade on their Nerf gun from last year!
Paw Patrol Air Patroller, Spinmaster
£39.99, ages 3+
In kids' fantasy worlds, this pet dog flies his own plane (of course he does!). And if that wasn't brilliant enough, the jet comes with lights and sounds, too.
SelfieMic, Worlds Apart
£19.99, ages 8+
Does your child like singing? Not content with simply taking selfies with a selfie stick, someone's now invented a selfie mic so kids can create their own music videos - fancy.
Snuggles My Dream Puppy, Character Options
£49.99, ages 4+
No, mums and dads, this is not just any fluffy puppy. This puppy's belly moved when he breathes and will even smile at you (mind = blown).
Tiny Treasures Baby Doll, Chad Valley
£39.99, ages 3+
This is said to be the "most lifelike" baby doll and even weighted like a real newborn (you can test it out). The baby has sleepy and apparently even the "authentic scent" of a baby...
VTech Toot Toot Drivers Goldmine, VTech
£52.99, ages 1-5
This trainset is going above and beyond the traditional one, by having a mine and drop chute. Nice.
Zoomer Chimp, Spinmaster
£119.99, ages 5+
Adults and kids will no doubt have hours of fun with the robotic monkey that can talk, move and do 100 tricks.