Ariana Grande Has An Emotional Moment As She Reflects On Past Use Of Botox And Fillers

"F*** it, let's lay it all out there," the R.E.M. Beauty founder said, after admitting her past use of injectables made her feel she was "hiding".
Ariana Grande pictured in 2018
Ariana Grande pictured in 2018
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

Ariana Grande had an emotional moment as she reflected on her past use of Botox and fillers.

While filming a new video about her makeup routine for Vogue, the chart-topping singer and R.E.M, Beauty founder said that “for full transparency”, she felt she should disclose that she’d had “a tonne of lip filler over the years”, as well as Botox.

“I stopped in 2018, because I just felt so… too much,” she explained. “I just felt like hiding, you know?”

Fighting tears, Ariana continued: “I didn’t expect to get emotional! For a long time, beauty was about hiding, for me. And now I feel like maybe it’s not, since I stopped getting fillers and Botox.

“And maybe I’ll start again with it [in the future], I don’t know, to each their own. Whatever makes you feel beautiful, I do support. But I know, for me, I was just like, ‘oh, I want to see my well-earned cry lines and smile lines’.

“I hope my smile lines get deeper and deeper and I laugh more and more, and I just think, ageing can be such a beautiful thing.”

“Now, might I get a facelift in 10 years? I might, yeah!” she added. “But, these are just thoughts that I feel like we should be able to discuss if we’re sitting here talking about beauty secrets.

“Fuck it, let’s lay it all out there.”

Ariana Grande on the set of The Voice in 2021
Ariana Grande on the set of The Voice in 2021
NBC via Getty Images

Ariana launched R.E.M. Beauty (named after a fan-favourite track from her album Sweetener) in November 2021.

In that time, she has largely taken a break from releasing music, although she has been filming the two-part movie adaptation of Wicked, in which she will play Glinda opposite Cynthia Erivo’s Elphaba.

The project is currently on hold due to the ongoing actors’ strike in Hollywood.

Watch Ariana’s full Vogue beauty secrets video below:


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