Tattoo Inspiration: Everything You Need To Know About Armpit Inkings

Watercolour poppies, kittens and delicate roses... 🌷

Armpit tattoos are taking over our social media feeds.

From watercolour poppies to delicate roses, people have been sharing their new inkings with the world.

UK-based tattoo artist Kevin Paul - who has inked celebrities such as Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles - answered all our questions about this trend:

If you have a tattoo on your armpit, are you able to shave it?

“Yes, you can still shave as normal.”

How painful can someone expect an armpit tattoo to be?

“Armpits can be one of the most painful places, as we have a lot of nerves running through there.”

Have you experienced more women or men asking for an armpit tattoos?

“I personally think it’s more men I have had come in asking for armpit tattoos, but they are getting more common.”

Do you have to care differently for an armpit tattoo?

“I have always found aftercare for armpits seems to be the easiest to look after as most of them seem to heal within days.”

For some inspiration, here are a few of our favourites on Pinterest and Instagram:

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