Asda Wants To Coat Your Fruit In A 'Water-Based Peel' To Make It Last Longer

It's "colourless, tasteless, and odourless" – and is currently being rolled out in two stores.

Asda has announced it will be trialling a new coating technology on its fruit and vegetables in an effort to reduce the plastic packaging used in its supermarkets.

The store has teamed up with Apeel Sciences, a company fighting the global food waste crisis, to extend the shelf life of its produce. This works by coating fruit with a “water-based peel”, which is said to slow the rate of spoilage.

The coating is made from materials that exist in the peels, seeds and pulp of the fruits and vegetables we eat already. And, according to Asda, it can double or even triple the shelf life of fresh produce.

The process is currently being rolled out in two stores, Chatham in Kent, and Glasshoughten in West Yorkshire, on a shipment of clementines.

ChrisHepburn via Getty Images

The move follows increased efforts by Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Iceland who have introduced plastic-free aisles and paper bags as alternatives to excessive plastic use.

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