13/10/2016 09:16 BST | Updated 13/10/2016 09:16 BST

ASOS Choker Goes Viral Thanks To This Dirty-Minded Person

It looks a lot like something else...

People on the internet can’t stop talking about an ASOS choker, and the reason why is pretty hilarious.

Part of the retailer’s Halloween range, the choker is designed to look like dripping blood, and is white in colour as it glows in the dark.

A Reddit user shared a link to the product, writing “This is being sold as a dripping “blood” choker”.


Yeah, it really doesn’t look like blood. Something else rather rude comes to mind...

As expected, the comments from some very dirty minded Redditors started to pour in.

Someone might want to call a doctor for this guy though.

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