Australia To Deport British Mother-Of-Five Kelly Webb For Criminal Past

Australia Is Deporting A British Mother-Of-Five For Her Criminal Past

A mother-of-five who has lived in Australia for most of her life faces being separated from her children if she is deported to the United Kingdom.

Kelly Webb was convicted of manslaughter after killing her stepfather with a hockey stick and a kitchen knife when she was a young woman, following a decade of childhood abuse.

She avoided jail and instead was served with a good behaviour bond after courts were told of the “monstrous” details of what she had endured, Yahoo News reports.

Kelly Webb arrived in Australia when she was two and has lived there for 28 years
Kelly Webb arrived in Australia when she was two and has lived there for 28 years

Now 30, Webb turned to drugs after becoming diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and her criminal history also includes theft, robbery, document fraud and drink-driving.

According to Australian law, foreign nationals who have served more than a year in prison face mandatory deportation. This applies to Webb's most recent incarceration for burglary she committed in 2014 with a knife.

Webb was never naturalised and just days before her release in March for burglary, her visa was revoked by border police.

She is currently at Maribyrnong Detention Centre where she is fighting to stay in the country.

She told the Herald Sun: “If they send me there [to England] I will die. I will die of a broken heart because my kids will be here.

“Three days before I got out I was told. I had never heard of the law. I cried for two days. All I want is one chance to stay in this country, because this is my home.

“I class myself as Australian. I know no different.”

Webb told 3AW Mornings: “I need to stay in this country. I need to work on myself. I need to stay here for my children.”

Host Neil Mitchell does not believe Webb should be deported, stating: “She is our problem, not the United Kingdom’s.”


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