03/02/2017 14:21 GMT | Updated 03/02/2017 15:51 GMT

Average Wedding Dress Price Has Been Revealed, And We All Feel Bad For Our Bank Accounts

Better start saving then.

Everyone knows weddings aren’t cheap, but with more and more of us aspiring to Pinterest-perfect nuptials the cost of getting hitched is more than ever. 

Now the official figures have been released, from wedding planning site Bridebook, confirming just how much brides are willing to spend on their dress.

And you might want to hold on to your bank account ladies. 

SvetaY via Getty Images

The average wedding dress, based on data from 5,000 brides, is now coming in at £1385.

With the average UK salary at £27,600 in 2016, that price tag is eating up 77% of your monthly salary, without even factoring in the rest of the costs.

If you’re choosing a high-street option, you can slash that to a (slightly more respectable) £780.

While the thriftier second-hand buyers can expect to pay around £605.

And if you live in London be prepared to stump up even more (yes we know, you already pay through the nose for everything else) as the average price for a dress in the capital is a whopping £1,677. 

Two brides, who spent more than the average amount on their dresses have spoken to The Huffington Post UK about what they spent their money on.

Nicki Shields
Nicki Shields

Bride Nicki Shields spent £3,000 on her dream dress, after finding it on a secondhand website: “I didn’t want to spend much more that £3k but I fell in love with an Elizabeth Fillmore dress, which was over £6k. I knew I didn’t want to spend that much, so I really think about it again until someone suggested Preloved.

“The good news is, I had a little bit of money left over so I bought a second dress! Plus I got married in Ibiza so had a registry office wedding before - which obviously required ANOTHER dress!”

Rosie OBrien
Rosie O’Brien

Rosie Shephard, who was married in May 2016, spent £3,000 on her custom-made dream dress: “My wedding dress was designed with and handmade by Louise Selby. It was £3,000 and worth every penny!

“I felt in such good hands - Louise personally guided me through the whole process from start the finish. Her dresses are the price that they are because they are altered to fit you. You are paying for the beautiful fabrics as well as the tailored finish.”