06/04/2016 16:00 BST

Axe Attack Victim 'Dmac' Uses Prosthetic Leg 'As Cannabis Bong'

'Dmac doesn't post pictures looking for sympathy.'

A man who had his leg hacked off in an axe attack has posted footage online showing him seemingly using his prosthetic limb as a cannabis bong. 

The video emerged on social media after Darren McAllister was sentenced to five months jail at the Airdrie Sheriff Court on Tuesday for carrying a knife and possessing cannabis.

Online the 20-year-old goes by the moniker - Dmac Heartattack - and boasts about his prosthetic limb, which he often shares pictures and videos of. 

Darren McAllister, who lost his leg in an axe attack, has posted video online of him seemingly using his prosthetic limb as a cannabis bong

In footage posted on February 18, McAllister can be seen lighting a substance inside the prosthetic - which is placed beside him - before flames and smoke can be seen coming from it.

The 20-year-old, who lost his leg in a hatchet attack in 2014, is then seen lifting a plastic bottle - fashioned into a funnel - from the limb, which he uses to inhale the smoke.

The make-shift smoking device (irrespective of what items are used) is known as a bucket bong.

McAllister lights the substance inside his prosthetic 
Smoke can then be seen rising from it
He then uses a plastic bottle fashioned into a funnel to inhale the substance 
McAllister was on Tuesday jailed for five months for possessing a knife and cannabis 

The video is captioned with the words: "Forgot aw (sic) about this haha."

McAllister, from Plains, North Lanarkshire, also posted a stick man self-portrait of himself.

Beneath the picture he wrote: "Dmac doesn't posts (sic) picture looking for sympathy asking people to repost and comment. Dmac knows this isn't going to make his leg grow back. Dmac doesn't give a fuck."

In one picture on his Facebook page McAllister can be seen holding his prosthetic in the air. The picture is captioned: "Wan (sic) leg wan life init." 

McAllister, who has two previous convictions for possessing a knife in public, was found with a lock-back knife by police in August 2014 along with a quantity of cannabis. 

A police search of his home later uncovered more cannabis.