Babies Basically Do A Little Dress Rehearsal For Real Life In The Womb

This news about babies silently crying in the womb has hit us hard.
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Today in n’aww-worthy news, we learned that babies do a little dress rehearsal of how to cry in the womb.

And it’s nothing to worry about as parents-to-be, they’re just practicing silently crying ready for their grand entrance into the world when they’ll be able to belt out some screams.

When TikTok creator Devora (@thisisdevo) found this out – her mind was truly blown.

“Babies practise being babies before they’re born,” she said in a video which has over 128k views. “Not only do they practise laughing and frowning and different facial expressions, they also practise silent crying.

“I can’t even deal with this fact,” she continued. “While we’re all out here waiting for them, getting ready for them, buying stuff for them, they’re inside practicing their little silent cries.”

According to Healthline, a baby’s practise cries include imitating the breathing pattern, facial expression and mouth movements of a baby crying outside of the womb.

The news hit a fair few people in the feels – especially those who are currently pregnant. “When I found out they cry inside, I cried,” said one person.

“Now I’m crying ’cause I know he’s crying,” said a mum-to-be. “And I feel bad I can’t help him. I know he’s practicing but I can’t help it.”

Imaging has also shown 28-week-old human babies can silently cry in response to noise, according to Ultrasound Ireland.

When they do cry, babies don’t make a noise because they’re totally immersed in amniotic fluid and there is no air in their lungs – which is needed to make a sound.

But once they’re born, and the air expands their lungs, they are ready to hit those high notes.