Back To School Bags: 15 Backpacks For Kids, From Primary To Secondary School

Prices start from as little as £10.

One of the most exciting parts about heading back to school as a child is the shopping trip to get all the supplies.

And one item no parent can forget is the backpack which will be religiously worn every day for the whole school year.

Designs vary, from the standard backpack with a front pocket, to more extravagant, lunchbox-integrated bags.

Whether you have a child going to primary or secondary school, you’ll no doubt be able to find one that would suit your child in our round-up below.

Prices start from as little as £10.

Pug Backpack
Is your child an animal lover? This pug backpack will go down well.
Price: £14.99.
Buy: Attitude Clothing, click here.
Converse Backpack
Simple yet affordable, with a designer label. There are additional zip-up pockets on this Converse backpack - and kids can choose their favourite colour.
Price: £19.99.
Buy: Converse UK, click here.
Mi-Pac Backpack
We love the bold print on this Mi-Pac backpack, and if your child has to carry around a laptop - there is a padded slot in the back to keep it safe.
Price: £29.99.
Buy: John Lewis, click here.
Unicorn Backpack
If your child wants to stand out, this bright and quirky animal-themed bag might be the one.
Price: £20.75.
Buy: Tesco, click here.
Doodle Clouds Backpack
A brightly-coloured doodled backpack has the standard front pocket.
Price: £27.50
Buy: Paperchase, click here.
'Frozen' Backpack
Do you have a 'Frozen' fan in your family? Elsa and Anna can sit proudly on their backs with this affordable bag.
Price: £10.
Buy: Argos, click here.
Roxy Tribal Backpack
We love the tribal pattern on this backpack - as well as the additional side pockets. It comes with a matching pencil case, too. Bargain.
Price: £16.66.
Buy: Argos, click here.
Slazenger Backpack
As well as having more pockets than you can probably count, this backpack comes with an integrated lunchbox.
Price: £15.
Buy: Sports Direct, click here.
Personalised Backpack
Make sure your child's backpack stands out from the crowd by getting it personalised. Choose your colour, state the name, and get it ordered.
Price: £13.99.
Buy: Etsy, click here.
Kids' Sequin Rucksack
If your kid is like a magpie for anything with a sparkle they'll love this shimmering bag.
Price: £18.
Buy: M&S, click here.
Asos Canvas Backpack
This canvas-style bag has a handle on the top and straps on the back so it can be worn or held either way.
Price: £29.99.
Buy: Asos, click here.
Silver Hype Backpack
A statement backpack with a space-like feel to it.
Price: £30.
Buy: Schuh, click here.
My Kanken Bag
There's no doubt about it, Kanken bags are expensive but you pay for the quality.
Price: £58
Buy: My Kanken Bag. Click here.
Star Wars Backpack
The Stormtrooper print backpack is perfect for any 'Star Wars' fans.
Price: £15.
Buy: Debenhams, click here.
MUJI Backpack
If your child would prefer a plain backpack over brightly-coloured ones, this one is pretty practical. It has front, side and internal pockets.
Price: £34.95.
Buy: MUJI, click here.

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