9 Pictures Of The Sunny Bank Holiday, Published By A Bitter Person At Work

Hope you're having LOADS of fun. Honest.

It’s hot outside but you know that because you’re basking in it.

Just look at it, although this person probably stole this picture from Flickr, it looks too perfect.

Here’s the official figures. What’s that? You can’t read them because of the glare on your phone? Boo-hoo.

Here’s a lifeguard on the prowl in Newquay because it’s be a real shame if one of you stood on a sharp rock. A real shame.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images

To work Ellie, to work. You? Actually, I don’t care.

You can’t feed dogs seafood, idiot.

Are you in Wales, Anthony? Because that’s what you hashtagged. Hardly a challenge, is it?

They’re not dolphins you’ve just got dirt on your lens.

Oh well, could be worse, could be employed in Scotland.

And a special mention for the Army for the biggest reach in meme history.

Happy bloody Bank Holiday.


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