17/03/2019 22:00 GMT

Baptiste Episode 5 Answers 2 Key Questions, But Serves Up 7 More

Next week's finale has a lot to deliver.

After last week’s cliffhanger, Baptiste viewers were left thinking Edward Stratton was back to being a bad guy again, after he did a bunk with the stash of cash. 

However, the latest episode of the BBC One drama had him back as a good guy, revealing his betrayal of Julien was actually to try and help Natalie’s sister, who is being trafficked by the Brigade. 

We can’t keep up!


Sunday’s instalment also cleared up another long-running question, as the truth about what happened to Genevieve’s lover was confirmed.

An uncomfortable scene between her and Constantine revealed she had placed her ex undercover to work with the Brigade, but when the gang discovered the ploy, they attacked him, leaving him with permanent brain damage. 

While those two questions were cleared up, the penultimate episode gave us a whole lot more to think about ahead of next week’s finale...

Did Constantine have a family?

Now we don’t know about you, but Constantine never struck us as someone who would love the company of children, but there he was in the episode hanging out at a kids’ party. Does this mean he had a family with children of his own? And if so, will this have particular bearing now he’s dead?

Did Julien cheat on his wife?

When Julien told his wife that Niels was his son, he insisted it didn’t mean he’d cheated, telling her that Niels was 32 and was therefore conceived before they’d met.

However, when Martha told Niels of his true parentage, he said he had been lied to “for 30 years”. Was this just a clumsy turn of phrase, or does this point at his real age, thus indicating Julien had in fact lied to his wife?


What was in the envelope Greg found?

Kim’s boyfriend received a letter that she’d written in the event of her death, which led him to a box of her things locked in a storage unit. 

Among the items was an envelope addressed to Greg, but the contents have remained a mystery – could this contain the evidence to finally bring the Brigade down?

Who killed Constantine?

While we are assuming it was one of the Brigade who finished off Constantine, believing he’d stolen the money to buy the boat (clever work there by the way, Julien), we never actually saw his assailant like we did with the one who killed Edward’s ex-wife and her partner.

Could this mean it was someone more unexpected behind his death? Genevieve? Or maybe Niels or Martha? Speaking of which...

Did Martha betray Julien and Edward?

After learning the Brigade had killed Edward’s ex and her partner, Julien couldn’t understand quite how they’d managed to find where they were hiding out. He then realised the only person he told of their whereabouts was police chief Martha, leading him to conclude she had betrayed him. 

But did she really do this? We know she’s on her way out of the force, so perhaps it was a last one-finger salute, or perhaps she wanted to get back at Julien for the way Niels had reacted to finding out he is his father. 

However, we suspect she might have innocently shared the information with Niels. We still haven’t forgotten about that shifty phone call he made in the petrol station when he was out with Julien a few episodes ago, and now finding out he’d been lied to about his parentage may have also prompted him to seek revenge on his newfound father. 


Will Constantine’s associates now come for Genevieve, Julien and his family?

It’s obvious the wider Brigade are on to what is going on, so how long does everyone else have before they realistically catch up with them? It’s surely only a matter of time before something happens to one of the central players, right?

What is going to happen to Christina? 

The pre-titles sequence saw her attempt to escape capture from the Brigade, only for her friend to give them up. 

This is bound to have ramifications for her, so will Edward and Julien’s attempts to bargain for her freedom be in vain?

Baptiste concludes next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.