23/03/2016 17:35 GMT

Invisible Shoes Are The Terrifying Trend Of The Future

You may find these images upsetting.

So, we're not here to ruin your day or anything, but this new footwear invention is something that must be seen, but cannot be unseen.

Graphic artist Jyo John Mulloor - the man behind these creepy human head cycle helmets - is back with a new way to weird us all out.

Behold, 'Barefoot' invisible shoes. That's footwear implanted into your skin so it feels like you're wearing nothing at all.

Luckily (breathe, people) the horrifying idea doesn't actually exist just yet. But the future isn't looking like somewhere we want to be right now.

Jyo John Mulloor


Jyo John Mulloor


Jyo John Mulloor


Jyo John Mulloor

Please, no!

Jyo John Mulloor

Get away.

Jyo John Mulloor
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