Barry Gibb Reveals To Piers Morgan He 'Saw The Ghost Of Brother Robin Gibb In Miami Mansion'

"We were always in conflict."

Barry Gibb has revealed how he once had a paranormal experience in which he claims he saw his late brother and fellow Bee Gees bandmate Robin in his house in Miami.

Barry was talking about the loss of his twin brothers Maurice and Robin during a chat with Piers Morgan for ‘Life Stories’ on ITV, during which he recalled the strange encounter.

Robin died from cancer in 2012, and Barry recalls now: “I saw Robin in my house in Miami walk across from the front door to the bar and I went to look and there was nobody there.

“Maybe it’s in your own head but it was Robin. [It was a] nice experience, it wasn’t scary it was just ‘Ooh there’s Rob.’”

The Bee Gees - Maurice, Robin and Barry - sold 220million records during their five-decade career
The Bee Gees - Maurice, Robin and Barry - sold 220million records during their five-decade career
L. Busacca via Getty Images

The Bee Gees chalked up a stunning 220million record sales in their career together, but life was not always harmonious between the three siblings, with Barry telling Piers that Maurice, who died in 2003, was often the peace-maker between him and Robin.

Of Robin, he said: “We were always in conflict. Robin was intensely creative and between the two of us, wanted the attention.

“If we didn’t get it we would compete for it. I think we loved each other deeply but I think we competed all the way. Not with anyone else, not with other artists, with each other.”

Despite this tension, Barry remains in awe of the unique sound created by the three brothers performing together. He said:

“You could tell what we’d all eaten, you could tell what we’d all drank, everything about that human essence was there around one microphone. The sharing of the songs, sharing of the performances, knowing when it was really good and it really worked and in a way it was profound what we were doing.”

Barry is now the sole remaining Gibb brother, following the earlier death of his youngest brother Andy in 1988. He told Piers he doesn’t feel without them now, however.

He said: “I’m always reliving it, when I’m on stage they’re still around me. I’m never without them. It’s always ‘What would Robin think?’ or ‘What would Maurice think?’ They are just there. And Andy. It never goes away.”

Barry Gibb appears on ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’ on Friday 3 February at 9pm on ITV.


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