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Page 3 Isn't Just Harmless Fun and Today The Sun Proved It

Kat Lister | Posted 22.01.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Kat Lister

It's smug, it's nasty, it's a publicity triumph. It also reaffirms what campaigners have always said about Page 3: That The Sun's loyalty to Page 3 is a commitment to disempowering women under the guise of that age-old defence of sexism: "it's just harmless fun".

James Blunt Won Twitter This Year And Here's Why

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 24.12.2014 | UK Entertainment

Twitter can be a harsh place. Thoughts, opinions and what you think are witty little gems are all shot into the digital ether and instantly become ...

Yes, Piers Morgan Has Compared Russell Brand To Bill Cosby

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot | Posted 04.12.2014 | UK

MailOnline columnist Piers Morgan has strongly backed The Sun's treatment of comedian Russell Brand in a scathing article, calling the activist a "rev...

Andy Coulson Set To Be Released From Suffolk 'Holiday Camp'

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Jack Sommers | Posted 18.11.2014 | UK

Andy Coulson could be released from prison later this week. The former News of the World (NoTW) editor and Downing Street communications boss is se...

He's Not the Messiah, He's Just Styled That Way

Nick Abbot | Posted 18.12.2014 | UK
Nick Abbot

I can't believe I am about to say this, but Donald Trump is right. The Donald has been in a Twitter spat with Russell Brand. A Twitter spat is something that no self respecting person over school age should be engaging in, so you have a measure of the combatants from the start.

Look Who's Waded Into The Donald Trump Vs Russell Brand Feud..

The Huffington Post UK | Charlotte Meredith | Posted 18.10.2014 | UK

In a battle of egos so epic that it could cause the internet to implode, Piers Morgan has waded into Donald Trump's feud with Russell Brand. It was...

Sacked CNN Host Has A New Gig

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 30.09.2014 | UK

NEW YORK -- Sacked CNN host Piers Morgan has been appointed Editor-at-Large of the Mail Online’s US operation. The former Mirror editor, whose 9pm s...

Stars Campaign To Help Manchester Dogs Home

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 12.09.2014 | UK Entertainment

A number of celebrities have publicly backed a fundraising campaign to raise money, following a fire at Manchester Dogs’ Home. Famous animal-love...

Freddie Flintoff Reveals Real Reason Behind Notorious 'Pedalo' Incident

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 12.09.2014 | UK Entertainment

Freddie Flintoff has opened up about the extent of his bulimia during his career playing cricket for England, revealing that he used to throw up regul...

Elite 'Supervillains' Chime In On Scottish Independence

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 09.09.2014 | UK Comedy

Global "supervillain" Henry Kissinger has spoken out on the Scottish independence debate, telling Prospect Magazine that "anything that makes Britain ...

Caroline Frost

Is Piers Morgan Hinting That Simon Cowell Doesn't Like Him?

HuffingtonPost.com | Caroline Frost | Posted 05.09.2014 | UK Entertainment

“I don’t set out to make people cry,” says Piers Morgan of the regular blub-fests that occur on his confessional series ‘Life Stories’, whic...

Caroline Frost

Piers Morgan Defends Visit To Andy Coulson - 'He's A Good Bloke'

HuffingtonPost.com | Caroline Frost | Posted 05.09.2014 | UK Entertainment

Piers Morgan has come out fighting in response to critics who questioned his visit to Andy Coulson in Belmarsh Prison. “I find it surprising tha...

Piers Morgan Was (Briefly) Locked Behind Bars With Andy Coulson

Huffington Post UK | Posted 05.09.2014 | UK

Piers Morgan has confirmed he has visited Belmarsh Prison to see his friend and fellow former News Of The World Editor, Andy Coulson. David Camero...

The #IceBucketChallenge Is The Definitive Guide To Celebrity Friendships

The Huffington Post UK | Rachel McGrath | Posted 29.08.2014 | UK Entertainment

If you still have no idea what the Ice Bucket Challenge is, then we can only assume you’ve been living in a cave for the past two weeks, as the fund...

Guess Which Sex Gets The Most Trouble On Twitter?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 24.08.2014 | UK

Male celebrities get more Twitter abuse than women, but men are also more likely to hurl abuse, a study shows. Journalism was the only category whe...

Jeremy Clarkson Gets Soaked In Ice Bucket Challenge

The Huffington Post UK | Daniel Welsh | Posted 22.08.2014 | UK Entertainment

If anything was going to get Jeremy Clarkson to voluntarily embarrass himself online, it was going to be the prospect of getting one over on Piers Mor...

Joey Barton Kicks Off Mother Of All Twitter Rows On Gaza

The Huffington Post UK | Charlotte Meredith | Posted 25.07.2014 | UK

A divisive figure on Twitter at the best of times, Joey Barton has sparked a furious debate between fellow star footballers after wading into the esca...

Piers Morgan's Mouth Put To Good Use.. As A Golf Tee

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.07.2014 | UK Sport

Some enjoy his entertaining and provocative style while others think he should just keep his mouth shut. Well, on this occasion Piers Morgan may have ...

'If You Want Someone To 'Blame', Then Start With Her Mother'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 24.07.2014 | UK Entertainment

Piers Morgan has tweeted his views following the inquest into the cause of Peaches Geldof’s death, which ruled that the mother-of-two died following...

Piers Morgan Sits On Fence - Highlights Utter Irrationality Of Gaza Debate

The Huffington Post UK | Charlotte Meredith | Posted 17.07.2014 | UK

Piers Morgan, divisive and inflammatory on Twitter at the best of times, decided to wade into the debate on the escalating crisis between Israel and G...

Andrew Strauss Just Called Kevin Pietersen 'An Absolute C***' On Live TV

Huffington Post UK | Posted 05.07.2014 | UK Sport

Sky Sports has been forced to issue an embarrassing apology after former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss was overheard calling controversial fo...

Alan Yentob Sues Newspaper For Phone Hacking... Not The One You're Thinking

The Huffington Post UK | Jack Sommers | Posted 11.06.2014 | UK

Alan Yentob, the BBC's creative director and one of its most famous faces, is suing the publishers of the Sunday Mirror over allegations they hacked h...

Errrm, What The HELL Is Going On Here?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 03.06.2014 | UK Entertainment

After years of being at each other's throats, have Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson finally buried the hatchet? If this chummy looking photo of th...

Just Who Is The Ukip MEP Who Tackled Footballer Joey Barton?

The Huffington Post UK | Charlotte Meredith | Posted 30.05.2014 | UK

Viewers of last night's Question Time may have anticipated fisticuffs at dawn between footballer Joey Barton and ex-Mirror editor Piers Morgan. But bo...

Joey Barton Puts A Crunching Tackle On Ukip's Louise Bours

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale and Charlotte Meredith | Posted 30.05.2014 | UK

Joey Barton, the professional footballer turned professional Twitter antagonist, stuck a crunching tackle on Ukip on Thursday, telling fellow Question...