18/07/2018 11:41 BST | Updated 18/07/2018 12:04 BST

'Batwoman' To Become First Superhero Series With LGBT+ Lead

A new live-action TV series is in the making.

US network The CW is set to make superhero history with its new ‘Batwoman’ TV show, as the titular character will be a lesbian. 

The new live-action drama series marks the first time an LGBT+ character has been given a lead role in a superhero film or TV series. 

However, ‘Batwoman’ is following in footsteps of its DC comic book counterpart, as the character was relaunched in 2006, changing from Kathy Kane to Kate Kane, who is a lesbian of Jewish decent. 


According to Variety, the show’s version of Kate Kane will be “an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter”, who is described as being “armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind”.

The series is currently in development, and if it is given the go-ahead, it is likely to air in 2019. 

So far, no announcements have been made as to who will play Batwoman. However, fans will get their first look at her when she crosses over into ‘Arrow’ when it returns later this year. 

Batwoman has never been portrayed in a live-action film or TV series, but the character has featured in a number of animated versions. 

The character is not to be confused with Batgirl, who has had roles in a number of film and TV series.