BBC Breakfast Confuses Nicola Sturgeon With 'Psychotic' Gorilla Who Escaped From London Zoo


BBC Breakfast presenters accidentally confused Nicola Sturgeon with a “psychotic” 29-stone gorilla who escaped from his enclosure at London Zoo on Thursday.

Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty were introducing the upcoming stories on Friday morning when the programme cut to a clip of a gorilla just as they were speaking about Sturgeon.

Stayt said the Scottish First Minister would be on the show later to discuss her plans for a second referendum on independence.

The gaffe did not go unnoticed:

Stayt quickly apologised for the mistake, saying the show had “very clearly run the wrong pictures of that particular sequence”.

On Thursday a male silverback called Kumbuka escaped from his enclosure at London Zoo.

Visitors were locked in buildings while armed police, zoo keepers and a helicopter were involved in capturing the animal.

He was free for about 90 minutes before armed keepers tranquilised him.