07/01/2017 17:08 GMT | Updated 07/01/2017 17:11 GMT

BBC Breakfast Presenters Introduce Wrong Guest Live On Air

It's happened again...

BBC Breakfast presenters made an embarrassing gaffe on Saturday morning when they introduced the wrong guest live on air.

Jon Kay and Rachel Burden were expecting to interview mountaineer Leslie Binns on the red sofa.

But after introducing Binns, who helped save a woman who had collapsed on a trek up Mount Everest, the camera shot to a rather bewildered academic, who had been invited on the programme to discuss Donald Trump.


As the camera cut to Dr Todd Landman, he told Kay: “I think you’ve got the wrong guest, sir.”

As Burden quickly realised the mistake, acknowledging that it was actuallly Dr Landman who was sitting on the sofa, Kay interjected: “You look so heroic.” 

Burden said: “I looked at this man and I thought ‘he doesn’t necessarily look like a mountaineer’.”

Both the presenters and the guest laughed about the mistake afterwards, with Kay and Burden commenting on the mix-up on social media.

It is not the first time the wrong guest has been interview on the BBC.

Guy Goma was mistaken for an expert on the internet music business when he turned up to the BBC for a job interview.