BBC Breakfast Host Sally Nugent's Saucy Blunder Has Viewers Howling

"Don’t worry, nobody noticed. Carry on.”
Jon Kay and Sally Nugent in the BBC Breakfast studio
Jon Kay and Sally Nugent in the BBC Breakfast studio

BBC Breakfast host Sally Nugent’s morning got off to a bit of a chaotic start after a saucy blunder at the beginning of Tuesday’s live show.

Sally and co-presenter Jon Kay began the broadcast with a discussion about the day’s headlines, including one story that had been clipped from The Sun.

However, as the anchor held up the clipping to read it out, she apparently didn’t realise the page in question had an unfortunately-cropped photo of a scantily-clad woman on the other side.

“If you were looking for a new house on RightMove this is… in the… err Sun, I think, this morning” she began, before pausing and abruptly tilting the page forward.

Pushing on with the segment, Sally continued: “They’re advertising a house in Leicestershire which has a camel in the back garden!”

Jon then joked: “I don’t think anybody’s talking about the back garden… there was something on the other side of the page. Don’t worry, nobody noticed. Carry on.”

Oh dear
Oh dear

Making matters even worse, the story in question had the headline: “House for sale… mind the humps.”

Still, the incident certainly put a smile on viewers’ faces:

Jon became a permanent member of the BBC Breakfast last month, following the departure of long-time anchor Dan Walker, and was given something of a baptism of fire during his first week when he was pooed on by a pigeon live on air.

He and Sally now host the daytime show every Monday through Wednesday, with Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty rounding off the rest of the week.

BBC Breakfast airs every weekday from 6am on BBC One.


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