19/01/2017 10:33 GMT

BBC Breakfast’s Spy Orangutan Totally Stole The Show, Delighting Viewers

'It's amazing you were able to book Trump so close to the inauguration!'

BBC Breakfast viewers may have found themselves doing a double take on Thursday (19 January) morning, thanks to the orangutan perching next to Charlie Stayt and Steph McGovern.

Obviously - as those who had already had their morning coffee would have noticed - the animal wasn’t real, and is actually an ‘orangutan spy’ complete with a hidden camera in one eyeball.

The animatronic creature is placed in the wild, Charlie explained, where it mimics real orangutans while filming them.

And as you’d expect, the segment left many viewers bemused, while some Twitter users couldn’t resist a cheeky joke or two:

It’s a tough call, but we think this is almost as good as when the Cookie Monster was on ‘The One Show’.

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