BBC iPlayer Crashes In Final Minutes Of England V Sweden In The World Cup

'Not now iPlayer'

It’s the nightmare scenario. 2-0 up and BBC’s iPlayer crashed just minutes from the end of England’s quarter-final World Cup contest against Sweden.

The BBC, which had the UK rights to the game, had been allowing people to watch it both live on TV and online.

However with mere minutes to go, the worst thing happened. iPlayer crashed.

While at first it appeared to be an issue with the WiFi it quickly became clear that this was a nationwide issue that was affecting everyone.

The BBC has apologised to anyone affected and is investigating the cause of the problem.

Within seconds people had taken to Twitter to express their anger and disappointment.

A BBC spokesperson said in a statement: “We’re aware that some people were experiencing technical issues and are looking into the cause. We apologise to anyone who was affected.”

If you’re one of the unlucky who missed the end of the game then we have some good news. Football could indeed be coming home.


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