Why Young People Are Taking Over BBC 5 Live For A Twenties Takeover

For one day, we're joining forces to put people aged 20-29 at the forefront of the news agenda.

They’re called snowflakes. They’re derided as lazy and entitled, and the term “millennial” has become something of a dirty word.

As the baby boomer generation looks on, 20-somethings are supposedly failing at “adulting”, taking offence at everything, and heading for burnout. All while eating avocado on toast.

But is it true? We’re all familiar with the stereotypes – but what is it really like to be in your twenties today?

For one day HuffPost UK is joining forces with BBC 5 Live to put people aged 20-29 at the forefront of the news agenda in a Twenties Takeover on Thursday 16 May.

Every 5 Live News programme will be co-presented by some of the most exciting new voices in the UK today.

They’ll be discussing themes that cut across the lives of young people – from the precarity of housing and work, to sexual health, the realities of modern dating and the pressure to keep up appearances on social media.

In partnership with HuffPost UK, the guest presenters will be joined by 20-something producers and reporters to direct the day’s editorial planning, social media and phone-ins from 6am to 1am.

Rozina Breen, head of news at BBC 5 Live, said: “The idea behind commissioning the Twenties Takeover was to put young people at the heart of BBC 5 Live’s journalism, from editorial leadership to commissioning and storytelling.

“The idea itself came from one of our producers, Jason Gallagher, and I wanted to find how our news agenda might be shaped differently, what new talent we could surface and by working with HuffPost UK, bring a collaborative and diverse approach to reflecting life in the UK for people in their 20s.”

Jess Brammar, executive editor at HuffPost UK said: “We’re really excited to be partnering on this project to explore the realities of life for 20-somethings.

“The 5 Live editorial mission to elevate voices that aren’t always heard in the media is very close to ours at HuffPost.”

Rounding off the day, presenter Jordan North will be in the UK’s biggest newsroom outside of London, at MediaCity in Salford, to co-present 5 Live Drive from 4pm-7pm.

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