BBC Cancels 'Up Pompeii' Remake After Miranda Hart Pulls Out Of Frankie Howerd's Role

It would have made for, what I call, fantastic viewing.

The BBC has axed a remake of classic sitcom ‘Up Pompeii’, after Miranda Hart pulled out of the project, it has been claimed.

The broadcaster had planned to air an updated version of the 70s series as part of their upcoming sitcom season, with the ‘Miranda’ star taking on the lead role, originally played by Frankie Howerd.

<strong>Miranda Hart pulled out of the 'Up Pompeii' remake</strong>
Miranda Hart pulled out of the 'Up Pompeii' remake
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

However, they scrapped the idea when Miranda decided she no longer wished to be involved.

<strong>Frankie Howerd starred in the original 'Up Pompeii'</strong>
Frankie Howerd starred in the original 'Up Pompeii'

Miranda previously announced she would not be returning to ‘Call The Midwife’ as favourite Chummy, despite her original intentions to, and also pulled out of hosting a revived version of ‘The Generation Game’ last year.

Since her eponymous sitcom ended in 2015, she has gone on to achieve success in Hollywood, staring in the film ‘Spy’ alongside Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham.

The BBC is set to launch its Landmark Sitcom Season next month, with many old comedy series being revisited to mark the 60th anniversary of the genre with the broadcaster.

<strong>'Keeping Up Appearances' will get a prequel in the BBC's sitcom season</strong>
'Keeping Up Appearances' will get a prequel in the BBC's sitcom season

The actress recently spoke of her disappointment at original star Patricia Routledge’s scathing remarks about the decision to revive the show, when she said: “Why are they doing this sort of thing? They must be desperate. Nothing to do with me. Let them get on with it....Remind me to switch off, please.”

Speaking to Radio Times, Kerry said: “Oh, it’s so sad, isn’t it? She was scathing about the whole project.

“I think she should be incredibly flattered that the BBC are paying homage to all these great shows.”

She continued: “We are not recreating her show. We’re going backwards and explaining her character. She doesn’t know that. I think that’s why she responded like that - because she was thinking some other actress is going to come along and play her part.”


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