14/07/2017 10:37 BST

Mum Warns Others About Metal BBQ Brushes After Son Was Hospitalised Due To Swallowing Bristle

'It was the most awful and difficult 24 hours of my life.'

A mum is warning about an unlikely danger that could occur at a BBQ after her son was hospitalised.

Jenna Kuchik, from the US, explained that a bristle from a metal BBQ brush that was used to clean the BBQ had broken off and attached to her son’s chicken.

After eating his chicken, she said her son, Ollie, started crying and complaining there was a pain in his throat.

“After suspecting a BBQ bristle was stuck, we checked the other chicken that we hadn’t eaten yet and found one in there too,” Kuchik shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page on Thursday 13 July. 

Kuchik’s son was taken to hospital and an X-ray confirmed there was a metal bristle stuck in her son’s throat.

“Throughout the two hours at the hospital Ollie couldn’t swallow and kept gagging and spitting,” she explained.

“It was the most awful and difficult 24 hours of my life watching my son in so much pain, not being able to do anything to make it better and knowing that this could have been 100% avoidable.

“It wasn’t until 5pm today that he finally got two pieces of metal bristles removed from his throat in the operating room.” 

Kuchik said her son was “amazing, strong and brave” but wanted to share the message to remind other parents about the potential danger of metal brushes.

The post has had nearly 9,000 shares in just 10 hours. 

Many people commented saying they’d “never heard” this happening before and tagged other parents to make them aware.

“Thanks so much for letting us now and making us aware,” one person wrote. “This could save a child’s life.”

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