Bears Killed After Biting, Scratching 2 People In Their Backyard

All three of the bears were destroyed.
an approaching brown bear
an approaching brown bear
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Two people have been injured by a bear that broke into a home in Mission in British Columbia, Canadian Press reported.

Murray Smith, a conservation officer, said a Mission resident heard a commotion in her backyard late Saturday night and went to check on her dogs. He says when she opened the back door, the woman was met by a black bear, which knocked her down, bit her in the back and scratched her.

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The woman's boyfriend managed to scare the animal off and the woman was taken to hospital where she was treated for superficial injuries.

Smith says conservation officers later found the female bear and her two cubs in a tree behind the home, and when an officer approached, the female bear attacked, biting the conservation officer on the leg.

The officer was taken to hospital where she received stitches.

All three bears have since been killed.

"Residents in the neighbourhood said the bears had been in their yards multiple times in the last few days," Smith said.

"They're in a mad search for food and there's food out there, so we've got to make sure we're not attracting them to our neighbourhood."

Smith said there have been 245 calls about bears in Mission so far this year, but the female bear and her cubs were the first to be killed for posing a threat to humans.

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