Photo Of Couple With Down's Syndrome Before Prom Is Melting Hearts Everywhere

A photograph of a young man and his prom date has gone viral for all of the right reasons.

The photo, which was shared by Twitter user Jigg, shows Justin and his date Victoria on their way to prom.

The couple were headed to Night to Shine, an “unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs”.

Jigg, who is Justin’s younger brother, shared a picture of the happy couple on Twitter and asked the internet to make the tweet go viral.

The tweet, which was posted on 11 February, has now been shared more than a quarter of a million times.

It has hit a soft spot with many on Twitter. One user (@imactuallymakay) said: “I’ve never smiled so big in my life I love this.”

Another (@Tasha011286) added: “That is sooooo cute! I hope they have a fantastic date!”

Here are some of the other responses to the adorable photo...

The photograph of the pair has even inspired a piece of artwork by Twitter user @RadioActiveAcid.

Jigg said that his older brother and his date “had a blast” at prom.

“So many smiles, dances and shared laughter between the two of them,” he tweeted. “Amazing night.”