Ben Affleck Slated For Joke Alluding To Sexual Harassment In Hollywood

His co-stars' faces said it all.

Ben Affleck has come under fire over an interview he gave in which he appeared to make light of the sexual harassment allegations that have dominated the entertainment news headlines lately.

The actor is currently starring as Batman in ‘Justice League’, and was promoting the film alongside his co-stars on MTV when they were asked whether he’d like to see any other superheroes join the squad.

Ben got things going by saying they needed “more women”, naming Black Canary as his choice, while Henry Cavill said he’d like his Superman character to be joined by his female counterpart, Supergirl.

Cyborg actor Ray Fisher then chose comic book magician Zatanna as his dream addition, to which Ben suggested this was due to her “fishnets”, after which the interviewer asked: “What would you get up to if you had, like, Supergirl… joining the team?”

Interrupting his co-stars, Ben joked: “Are you following the news at all?”

And yeah, the rest of the cast’s faces pretty much say it all:


Ben has since been heavily criticised on social media for appearing to make light of such a serious issue, which has been a prevalent topic of conversation ever since accusations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein first came to light.

HuffPost UK has reached out to Ben Affleck’s representative for further comment.

Since the allegations against Weinstein were first published in the New York Times, actress Rose McGowan criticised Ben Affleck over his response, suggesting he was “lying” when he said he’d been unfamiliar with the accusations made against Weinstein.

She went on to claim she’d told him herself of the producer’s unacceptable behaviour.

The Batman actor was also forced to apologise when footage of him groping an MTV presenter on ‘TRL’ resurfaced.


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