This Guy's Grandma Is The Most Polite Google User Ever

What a woman

When Ben John opened his nan's laptop, he noticed something unusual.

His grandma, called May, had run a Google search to find out what the Roman numerals MCMXCVIII translated as.

But rather than typing "translate these roman numerals", the 86-year-old had popped an ever-so-friendly "please" and "thank you" in her search phrase.

Because, manners.

When John, who is from Wigan, tweeted a photo of his nan's polite Googling, the internet responded with waves of admiration.

John tweeted a photo of May's Google search, which said: "Please translate these roman numerals mcmxcviii thank you."

When he asked her about it, she just replied that she thought that was normal protocol.

John is now hoping that Google will respond to his nan to say: "You're welcome."

His tweet has been shared more than 5,000 times and has had more than 7,800 favourites.

Understandably, the internet can't cope with the cuteness. And neither can we.

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